Rental Requirements
After you have read the rental requirements and reasons for denial, please scroll to the bottom of this paragraph to download a rental application. Please email or fax your rental application, proof of income and photo identification to or fax to
(415) 550-8926.

All applicants must meet the following selection criteria:

1. Applicant must thoroughly complete and sign the rental application.
2. Applicant must provide a copy of their most recent payroll check stub.
3. Applicant must have a verifiable income and meet the minimum income requirements allowed by law.
4. Applicant must have resided at their current residence for a minimum of six months and have a positive landlord reference.
5. Applicant must have a positive prior landlord references.
6. Applicant must provide color copies of a valid identification card or driver's license.
7. Applicant's credit report must meet the minimum requirements.
8. Applicant must be able to pay a security deposit equal to 1 (one) month's rent plus first month's rent prior to taking occupancy.

1. A negative landlord reference encompassing failure to comply with the lease, poor payment history, eviction, failure to give proper move-out notice, damage to the premises or nuisance.
2. An unfavorable credit report or an unlawful detainer file.
3. An applicant that does not meet the minimum income requirements allowed by law.
4. Falsification of any information on the application.
5. Inability to pay the security deposit and first month's rent prior to move-in.
6. Failure to meet any of the criteria listed above.

Click this icon to download and print a rental application (PDF format)

Maintenance Request Form

Please complete this maintenance request form and submit it to us via e-mail to , if you wish you can print the PDF form below and return it to us via fax (415) 550-8926 as soon as possible.

Click this icon to download and print a Maintenance Request Form (PDF format)

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